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UI Designer: what he does and how to work in the field of UI Design

UI Designer
(User Interface Designer) is the professional who is responsible for the
user interface design
, designing all the screens through which the user moves when browsing a site, using an App, or engaging in a game.

To understand what exactly is your role, what are your tasks and how to become a UI Designer, it is necessary to first of all, clarify what UI Design is ..

Who is the UI Designer

UI Design is a “subcategory” of UX Design (User Experience Design):
It is concerned with the way a Web site presents itself
, and works on the interaction between humans and content to build inviting navigation in line with the brand’s style.

Everything in the UI Design is designed so that for the user it is
intuitive and pleasant
, from the call-to-action button to online data entry fields. If a Web site is easy to navigate, easy to read, and easy on the eyes, the user is indeed more likely to take the requested action. The UI designer is therefore in charge of the
interface design
: design the site or App according to the directions provided by the
UX Designer
, defines the graphic language and builds ad hoc layouts.

Although both disciplines pursue the same goal, the creation of a positive user experience, there is a main difference between UI and UX Design: the user experience is the experience that the user has when browsing a site or using an App while the User Interface is the interface, that is, what stands between him and the device.

What the UI Designer does

UI design focuses on the visual experience of the user, on how he interacts with the interface while browsing the Web. The UI Designer designs the screens through which the user moves on a site, and creates the visual elements that facilitate this movement.

Among the
tasks of the UI Designer

  • The creation and application of a visual language;
  • The design of each screen that the user is going to interact with;
  • The creation of responsive layouts;
  • The creation of animations;
  • The design of the interactivity of each UI element;
  • prototyping, to test what has been designed so as to identify any problems and critical issues.

, especially, is critical when it comes to UI Design. Three types of prototypes can be made:

  • low-fidelity wireframe
    : Quickly drawing user flows on paper or a whiteboard is the fastest way to convey a design idea;

  • clickable prototypes
    : Once the screen layout, user path, and overall visual design have been set, a clickable prototype, a static screen with a medium level of detail, can be created;

  • high-fidelity prototypes
    : When the project is finished and needs to be delivered, it is possible to create high-fidelity prototypes with advanced interactions that closely resemble the finished product.

How to become a UI Designer

and what skills you need to have

In Italy, there is no specific course of study to become a UI Designer. Ideally, it is best to start with a
solid knowledge of computer science and graphic design
, acquired perhaps through an undergraduate course, and then take a
course in UI Design


Hard Skills

required of a UI Designer are:

  • Computer background and basic programming knowledge;
  • Ability to understand HTML and CSS languages;
  • Knowledge of major user interface design and prototyping tools (Sketch, Adobe XD, InVisioN);
  • Knowledge of methods, theories and practices related to interface design (typographic and color rules, Gestalt psychology, etc.).

Alongside Hard Skills, a prominent role is played by three

Soft Skills


  • communication: UI design requires communication with the UX Designer, developers, and customers. Above all, communication with the client is crucial, as you will be faced with having to explain and justify your design decisions in as much detail as possible;

  • teamwork
    : working well in a team is an essential skill that involves listening and talking to each other for timely problem solving and project improvement;
  • empathy: Putting oneself in the user’s shoes requires empathy and attention to the principles of accessibility and inclusiveness. Putting aesthetics and graphics before usability is never a winning choice.

salary of a UI Designer

in Italy
is about 31,000 € a year, ranging from 25,500 € of an entry level to over 63,000 € of a senior UI Designer.

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