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Course in 3D graphics: features and why to choose it

While two-dimensional drawings-made on paper or through software installed on a computer-were once the basis of advertising and communication activities, this is no longer the case. In an increasingly technological and innovative world, flat and unloaded representations are not enough.

Because of this, and because of its ability to make an image animatable and observable from all sides, 3D graphics has become a fundamental tool.

Automotive, architecture, marketing, medicine, science, industry, and engineering are just a few of the fields in which the application and use of three-dimensional graphics are now commonplace.

In fact, being able to make a 3D model of a project allows those who will implement it to provide more detail, information and data than a two-dimensional representation, overcoming the technical limitations of 2D. Hence, 3D graphics training courses are among the most popular at the moment.

Why choose to take a 3D graphics course

Given the ever-increasing application of 3D graphics in numerous job sectors, there are several dedicated training courses one can take to improve one’s skills or to work as a professional in the field.

Typically, those who choose to work in 3D graphics have an ad hoc course of study behind them (High School of Art, followed by a degree in Graphic Design). However, it is possible to train through a post-diploma professionalizing course.

A 3D graphics course allows you to learn what you need in the field of three-dimensional graphics, in less time than undergraduate courses.

Precisely because they are designed for people who want to train while they are already working, 3D graphics courses have the advantage of being flexible, usable online or in-person at times appropriate to a student-worker’s schedule.

The presentation time of topics is optimized, as well as their

in-depth study and development, through careful selection of the content that is most likely to be of use in pursuing the profession right from the start. In addition, very often, institutions that organize such courses offer students the possibility of internships at selected companies.

3D graphics training courses, the job outlets

Those who decide to work as 3D graphic designers have the choice of working as an employee or as a freelancer. And, therefore, whether to select the best companies to apply to for employment or to open a VAT number and work with multiple clients completely independently.

In both cases, you can apply your knowledge:

  • In cinema;
  • In game design;
  • in virtual tours, which are increasingly used in real estate but are also in demand by hotels, party locations and stores;
  • In advertising;
  • In communication;
  • In science;
  • In medicine.

What to expect from a 3D graphics course

A 3D graphics course is designed to provide all the basic knowledge, techniques, methodologies and tools to get you started in the field.

With experience, continuing education and the opportunity to try out new projects, you will then be able to expand your skills and knowledge during your work experience.

Useful to start a professionalizing course in 3D graphics is to know the main graphics programs, which will then be used during the course, but also on the job: Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. However, advanced knowledge is not required, and there are often class hours devoted solely to their proper use.

To its members, Phyd offers several online courses in 3D graphics. Taught by top providers in the field, the courses are aimed at students with varying degrees of knowledge and experience, to delve into specific aspects of three-dimensional graphics or to get a comprehensive grounding.



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