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How to become a Marketing assistant?

TheMarketing Assistant (or Marketing Assistant) is the figure who supports Marketing Management, working closely with the Marketing Manager.

Jointly responsible for the success of marketing campaigns, provides

support to senior figures, dealing with all marketing actions that have an impact on company sales.

But what exactly does a marketing assistant do, and what studies do you need to do to enter the profession?

What the Marketing assistant does

The Marketing Assistant has various responsibilities within the Marketing department.

His tasks may include:

  • Conduct market research to study customer needs, competitive behavior, and market trends so as to help create marketing strategies and plans;
  • Monitor the progress and results of marketing campaigns to collect data so as to improve performance;
  • Provide graphic, written or verbal presentations and reports of results, statistics and insights;
  • Assist in creating and updating content across multiple platforms, including Web sites, social media accounts, blogs, and e-mail;
  • Help with the organization and coordination of marketing and promotional events, such as conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows;
  • Write the texts of brochures, press releases and other communication media to increase the company’s presence in the market;
  • Provide general support to the marketing department.

In smaller companies, the marketing assistant typically oversees entire marketing campaigns. In more structured companies, on the other hand, he is usually entrusted with the supervision of a single campaign. In any case, he/she will work under the supervision of the marketing manager to promote a new product/service or to increase its notoriety.

Thus, its main tasks are:

  • The organization of the marketing manager’s agenda;
  • the organization of events, based on the objectives set by the company: not only will the Marketing assistant be in charge of organizing, but he or she will also have to ensure the smooth running of the event by remaining available to the participants for the entire duration;
  • Lead generation, through the use of search engines and social media;
  • follow-up, and thus the collection of customer feedback, to improve (if necessary) marketing strategies;
  • The conduct of market research.

How to become a Marketing assistant

To work as a Marketing assistant, you must earn a bachelor’s degree in Marketing or a related field.

In addition, companies often ask for at least two years’ experience in marketing or advertising, as well as precise skills such as problem solving, willingness to travel, and communication skills.

A good marketing assistant, in addition to knowing the target market, must in fact possess personal skills, such as:

  • time management skills, to optimize the effectiveness of the activities entrusted to him/her and to organize deadlines while taking into account priorities;
  • creativity, an indispensable skill for marketers (in today’s competitive market, innovation is key);
  • propensity for teamwork, as he/she will have to collaborate with the entire Marketing department as well as other departments in the company to achieve common goals;
  • knowledge of digital and data analytics tools, from Google Ads to Google Analytics, from email automation tools to CMS and the logic of SEO;
  • Stress resistance, to get the job done even when deadlines are tight;
  • communication skills, among the main skills a Marketing assistant must possess;
  • autonomy, especially when they are entrusted with entire marketing campaigns;
  • empathy, to put oneself in the customers’ shoes and provide them with the answers they seek.

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