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How to dress for a job interview?

If you are wondering

how you should dress for a job interview
, know that a universal answer does not exist. Much depends on the type of profession, the work environment (formal or informal), and the type of company at which you are applying.

In-person or remote interview

You have been contacted for a
live interview
for a position
in the company
? Our advice is to opt for
professional and formal suits

For men, the ideal is a jacket, pants with a shirt and tie or a pair of classic jeans and a sweater with buttons or a round neckline.

For women, you can’t go wrong with wearing pants or a
pencil skirt
knee. Also, try to choose garments that you feel comfortable with.
at ease
and that they express your

How to dress for an interview from home, instead? Overalls are an option to discard: you are in the comfort of your own home, it is true, but you still need to appear groomed. Wear a pair of jeans and a shirt or a sweater in neutral tones. Do not wear patterned clothes (they may disturb the images reproduced on the recruiter’s screen) or clothes
total black
or dark (on webcam they would look too sharp compared to the background).

Clothing for the job interview: our tips

The most important thing to consider when you are considering the
look for a job interview
is the need to look professional and elegant, regardless of the type of position for which you are applying. Being neat, well combed and well dressed should be the rule.

Below are some suggestions on clothing for
ideal for showing up for a job interview:

  • a
    blue blazer


    with gold buttons
    , to be worn with a blouse. If the work environment is formal, pair it with a white or khaki knee-length skirt while if the context is more casual, pair it with a pair of dark jeans;
  • a
    button-down shirt
    , also in a bright color;
  • a
    blouse with a bow
    , to be paired with a pencil skirt;
  • a
    masculine-cut khaki blazer
    , to be worn with blue pants
    or with a pair of jeans;
  • a
    knee-length black dress
    , to be paired with texturizing stockings and black shoes with a medium heel;
  • a
    pair of black pants with a pleat
    , perfect with a button-down shirt or sweater.

Avoid total looks with fluorescent colors, cleavage, mini-skirts, excess make-up and too strong perfumes.

can instead turn their attention to:

  • a
    light-colored blazer and matching pants
    , the perfect middle ground for a casual and formal work environment;
  • a
    blue or black sweater
    , to be paired with dark jeans or chino pants;
  • a
    blue blazer


  • a neutral tie;
  • A button-down, micro-patterned, striped or plain shirt.

Do not wear sweatshirts, short pants, half-sleeve shirts and sandals.

If you need to attend a cognitive appointment and the warmer seasons begin, here are some tips on
how to show up for a job interview in the summertime
. Opt for a pair of linen or cotton pants (taking care to iron them before wearing them) and a long-sleeved linen/cotton polo or shirt.

If you have problems with excessive sweating, one trick is to apply cloth pads to the inside of the sleeves. Hair is also best collected.

To find out
more tips
on how to make a good impression during job interviews, rely on the advice of the

Phyd’s experts

. Sign up on our portal and discover
How to arrive prepared for the interview with the recruiter


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