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The Rise of the Green Jobs

According to the latest report “GreenItaly” by the Unioncamere Foundation, which each year takes a snapshot of the level of environmental sustainability achieved by our country, Italy ranks among the European leaders in the circular economy, and has one of the highest percentages of waste recycling with peaks that even reach 95 percent in some supply chains, such as furniture wood. An important record, writes
Vanity Fair
, not only because of the beneficial environmental effects it is bringing, but also because of the demand for employment that appears to be growing steadily.

Adapting skills In fact, despite the negative economic effects triggered by the pandemic period, sustainability-related work has seen a significant surge in the past two years and is still evolving very rapidly. To cite just a few numbers, contracts that have been activated in the green economy sector now account for 35.7 percent of total contracts. At the end of 2020, those employed in a profession in the green economy are more than 3 million. According to the FAO, moreover, the curve is set to grow further due to the intersection of environmental sustainability and digital transformation, which will require new hybrid professionals (Il Sole 24 Ore ).

Profiles sought So companies are on the hunt for new skills. From project manager to market analyst, from sustainability manager to supply chain manager, from environmental marketing expert to ecodesigner, the market’s demands for skills are changing, but the supply often struggles to respond. These professionals, undoubtedly also incentivized by projects funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, will need “old” professionals but with “green” skills (


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