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Phishing Disclosure

We have been made aware of a number of incidents where PHYD and/or Adecco Group's trademarks have been used illegitimately by parties unrelated to it in any way.

Be it fake job ads, posted on generalist websites, that carry PHYD and/or Adecco Group trademarks without our permission. In fact, the Adecco Group always uses its official channels to disseminate its job advertisements, and in addition, no representative of the Adecco Group, will ever demand payments of any kind from a candidate or employee during a job search or selection process.

We therefore recommend that you be wary of suspicious e-mails, phone calls, messages, and advertisements bearing PHYD and/or Adecco Group trademarks, particularly if they contain requests for personal information, copies of identification documents, bank details, and/or payment of service fees.

If you have any questions or would like more information about any contacts and/or job postings, you can contact the PHYD office.

In addition, check that the mailing address from which the communication comes falls within the following domains:

  • aziende.recruitmentsolutions@lhh.com
  • aziende@adecco.it
  • adecco@news-it.adecco.com
  • contatti@phyd.com
  • eventsitaly@lhh.com
  • go@news-it.adecco.com
  • go@news-it.adeccogroup.com
  • go@news-it.fondazioneadecco.it
  • go@news-it.morningfuture.com
  • go@news-it.mylia.com
  • go@news-it.phyd.com
  • go@news-it.recruitmentsolutions.lhh.com
  • hub@phyd.com
  • info@phyd.com
  • info_italy@lhh.com
  • info-italy@akkodis.com
  • IT.AKKA-ITALIA.Recruitment@akkodis.com
  • IT.GDPR@akkodis.com
  • learning.solutions@mylia.com
  • newsletter@adeccogroup.it
  • newsletter@morningfuture.com
  • nome.cognome@adecco.com
  • nome.cognome@adecco.it
  • nome.cognome@adeccogroup.com
  • nome.cognome@fondazioneadecco.it
  • nome.cognome@go.adecco.it
  • nome.cognome@lhh.com
  • nome.cognome@modis.com
  • nome.cognome@mylia.com
  • no-reply@badgebox.com
  • no-reply@ncoreplat.com
  • noreply@phyd.com
  • noreply@sparksweb.lhh.com
  • privacy.aziende@adeccogroup.com
  • sender.mailitalia@olecenter.com
  • solutions@mylia.com
  • speciale.aziende@adecco.it
  • speciale.aziende@phyd.com
  • spring.professional@springitaly.com
  • supporto@phyd.com

If you believe that you have been a victim of such scams, we strongly advise you not to respond to such communications and to notify us immediately at customer.service@adecco.it, as well as to report the incident to local authorities as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that a selection and contract management process needs adequate time; a job opportunity is never realized with a click to a job offer! One should be wary of those who simplify these processes, offer lavish earnings and are in a hurry to conclude the selective and contractual process.

The Adecco Group formally distances itself from this; attention to candidates is our priority. your input is essential to enable us to intervene in a timely manner to protect our applicants and prevent the recurrence of similar frauds.

Contact us

If you wish to report abuse related to PHYD and/or Adecco Group brands, please contact the Adecco Group office in the country where the incident occurred or email integrity.compliance@adeccogroup.com or visit Reporting Channel - The Adecco Group.